Viper Public Relations

We are an award-winning boutique agency boasting being the only PR Firm that brings decades of psychology, finance, data analytics, and neuromarketing to our clients. 

Voted Top 100 Public Relations Agency out of 14,000 Colleagues Last Quarter

Public Relations (PR) is a specialization of marketing that requires strategy, innovation, analytics, and relationships. Unlike advertising, PR positions visionaries and experts front and center organically. It is earned media and carries much higher esteem and trust.

I’ve been analyzing since orange velour was groovy.

I’m Michele Paiva, a neuromarketing strategist and financial therapist who spearheads a small but mighty team at Viper Public Relations.  I like tofu.

Specializing in Lifestyle & Finance

Our client list is kept confidential.

We have placed clients in major media in the USA, the UK, and Canada.