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Throughout the past three decades we have recognized that our clients prefer confidentiality, support and benefit from leadership coaching that includes removing blocks that hold them back including financial a

Business Growth

Specializing in neuromarketing and psychology uses science to ethically influence consumer behavior.

Investors In People

Empowering brand leaders to become visionaries through strategic coaching and branding.

Analysis Driven

Infusing imagination with data-driven insights for effective results and powerful impact.



Health & Wellness
Medical, Mental Health, Wellness, and Fitness Related Products and Services


Finance & Real Estate
Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, and Allied Investments.


All Levels|Brand Development

Entrepreneurs of all stages have a story and deserve recognition.

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We work with clients to ensure that they are growing in their brand and free from financial blocks holding back their success.

Michele Paiva, Founder, Viper Public Relations

We are dedicated to helping people and the brands they represent to be financially, professionally and personally successful.

Michele Paiva

Psychotherapist and Neuromarketing Strategist, Publicist

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VIP+ Small Brand Solution

The VIP+ program, Viper Independent PR is the solution to competing with the big brands. We help you to create ongoing strategic public relations campaigns plus, offers leadership and enrichment of special interest to smaller brands and the people behind the brands.

Think of this as your hybrid agency. We will give you the items that are time-consuming, time-sensitive, and require a background in the industry- already ready-made- and teach you how to master the media.

It is an annual membership as public relations and much marketing take time to build momentum, and your efforts will be layered.

There are going to be some quick wins.

Still, the meat of your success will not be fly-by-night but a gradual slow burn, like a romantic book or movie where the subtle wins are teasing, and fun. You can sense the passion— and then are rewarded with satisfying payoffs of a love story-only this love story is you experiencing others falling in love with your brand.

Small Brands

You deserve to have your expertise celebrated and experience the financial impact and personal release of the limiting beliefs and roadblocks.

We provide the tools to:

Strategic PR, Marketing & Visionary Annual Membership

  • Quick wins to increase customer acquisition, lead an sales

  • We give you time-sensitive pitch templates and leads

  • We drive more traffic, customers and sales to your business
  • We provide real, practical marketing advice
  • We report to you monthly to give you new campaigns
  • Watch as your business grows and expands from all the new leads
  • Processes are time-tested and field proven

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