Exposure & Impact 


Increase brand awareness, visibility and reach the target audience through communication channels, such as media relations, inventive social media campaigns and events. 


Build and maintain a positive reputation by preventing and management of crisis, monitoring media coverage and sentiment, and developing messages that align with brand values.


Initiate and nurture positive partnerships that create a positive impact. Partnerships offer unique opportunities for developing messaging and content creation.

Strategy & Sales

Develop a comprehensive PR strategy that aligns with business goals and objectives. This includes identifying target audiences, and selecting the most effective communication channels.

About the Founder

Michele Paiva, Founder and CEO of Viper Public Relations, has been leveraging her passion for analyzing since orange velour was groovy– but leveraging it for three decades.  A veteran of the industry, she has developed a robust repertoire of skills and knowledge that have enabled her to provide her clients with an unmistakable and hard-to-ignore relationship with their target audiences. 

At just twenty years old,  she started her own business while also working part-time as a stringer for various publications and working in broadcast news. 

She quickly proved her mettle and was eventually able to collaborate with and learn from some of the most renowned professionals in the business

Having previously held roles as a news anchor for Comcast and an editor at Journal Register Company, she went on to further her education certifications and advanced education in trauma therapy, lifestyle science, financial stress, and financial management. She worked for decades as a licensed trauma therapist focusing on stress brands and the people behind them; also, she’s had advanced training and extensive experience in neuromarketing, consumer behavior, and business analytics.

Her expansive network of contacts and diverse background in psychology, journalism, and communications eventually led to the establishment of Viper Public Relations.


Just some of our media placements

Casey L.

Michele helped me to see what my goal was. She put things in perspective for me in a way that changed my thinking. I am very grateful for Michele and I recommend her 10 out of 10 times!


 What to expect

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